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Impact Hub KL Team


Christoffer Erichsen

Chris brings 20 years of experience in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship to his role as co-founder of Impact Hub …

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Shariha Khalid

Shariha is a social investor and designer who believes that by building, supporting and putting together like-minded individu…

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Anthony David

As Co-Founder and Programme Director for Impact Hub KL, Anthony has overseen the design and implementation of the VIP fellows…

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Ralph Mpofu

Ralph is passionate about building communities for change and fostering entrepreneurial spirit - especially among the younger…

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Tricia Ann Francis

Tricia is a Senior (Project) Management Consultant with over 10 years of Management experience in the industry gained within …

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Turisaina Tukiman

Her deeply rooted passion for social good has kept her involved in social and impactful projects since 2011. Over the past fe…

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