We want a world where every business and every individual has the capacity to create impact.


To be a hub for business and people driven impact in Malaysia and beyond.

Mission Statements

Our mission is to support impactful enterprises, empower individuals and build inclusive communities through collaborative high impact programmes and entrepreneurial actions.

Our Pillars of Work

Empowered Individuals

Learning is a fundamental right of every person. We are committed to empowering individuals from every walk of life to change their lives and impact others. Through our programmes, we collaborate with like-minded organisations to enable positive learning experiences and opportunities that would empower individuals for a lifetime.


Impactful Enteprises

We believe businesses are a force for good and can play a significant role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will connect, inspire and empower innovators and businesses through collaborations and opportunities for action that will result in impactful enterprises.


Inclusive Communities

We feel the responsibility and urgent need to ensure that the diverse community around us are included in the economic and social development of Malaysia. We work towards creating awareness and sparking conversations while aiming to build dignified livelihoods for the underserved and marginalised in society.

Wellbeing of People & the Planet

Impact Hub KL is an advocate for placing wellbeing at the centre of policy and development efforts. We recognise the complex challenges communities face and the need to reinvent how we think about economic growth and social progress. Additionally, Impact Hub aims to strengthen wellbeing outcomes by building the capacity of changemakers, communities and their organisations to embrace practices that can increase their resilience and sustainability. We believe that total wellbeing is contingent on being able to live sustainably as an individual and a community.


Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur is a catalyst to foster social innovation. We are a global community, innovation lab, and a creative space. We work at the intersection of innovation and society to collaboratively create impact with an entrepreneurial mindset in order to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.


Embedded in Design Thinking, we foster collaboration, unlock creativity and create innovative solutions:

  • To inspire individuals to strive towards a just and sustainable world where business and technology are used in service of people and planet.
  • To connect individuals, organisations and communities that have an aligned vision towards a better future together.
  • To enable and empower inspired individuals and organisations from every walk of life who desire to make a difference and build a better world.


As a not-for-profit organisation, Impact Hub KL reinvests a majority of its profits back into growing the work of the organisation and towards supporting the education and impact entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Commitment to supporting and advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Impact Hub KL is a member of the CSO-SDG Alliance, we are fully committed towards supporting and advancing the SDGs through collaborative partnerships, community engagement and wellbeing, as well as capacity building in the social innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.