Something FUN has come to KL…
19 October 2015 - Tricia Francis

This October, Hub KL celebrated the first FuckUp Night in Malaysia.

As you may know, FuckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned, and celebrated. FUN began in Mexico in September 2012 and has since spread all over the world – every month thousands gather to celebrate failure. Brought to Malaysia by the Hub and Maverick Foo, this is fast set to become one of KL’s hottest events.

We celebrate failure because everyone fails sometimes, it’s better to fail fast, we learn more from failure than success, but most importantly, because fear of failure stalls innovation.

The first FuckUp Nights in Kuala Lumper was a great success! Our motivational and inspirational speakers Daniel Cerventus and Irwin Go shared their incredible personal stories of success, failure, persistence and hard work. They shared the story of a project or business that failed, what went wrong, what they learned from it and what they did differently. Irwin lost 16million ringgits overnight, faced bankruptcy, but is back with a bang. Truly inspirational stuff – none of the fluffy bunny tales heard at so many events nowadays. This was raw. This was real. This was cutting edge.

We already have a really exciting following – last month was sold out. Do you also want to experience an inspiring evening with great speakers? Register here or follow us on facebook before it’s too late. Thank you all for making it a great inspiring evening. See you at the the next Fuck Up Night!

If you have a great FuckUp story to share contact us at [email protected]