FuckUpNights KL Ep4 – Freelancer Griller
13 February 2017 - triciafrancis



Wed, February 15, 2017, 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM MYT

Freelancers are like the Black Panthers, Luke Cages, Spider-mans, and Punishers of the real world. While these superheros may come together when mega shit hits the fan, most of the time, they are unaffiliated, and happy with flying solo.

You can call them free agents, remote workers, solo eagles, lifestyle entrepreneurs, but here’s the fact:

Freelancers make up over 35% of the USA’s workforce, and it’s predicted to grow even more by 2020.

You probably know a freelancer friend or two, and you may be familiar with their success and struggles too. I’m familiar with the struggles, because I’ve worked with many of them, and in some circles, I am considered a free agent too. (And not just because I’m a dick).

So as a comeback of Fuckupnights KL (we’ll tell you why we went silent for a year during the upcoming event), I thought we’re gonna feature 3 freelancers, all from different backgrounds and more importantly, from different stages of their career.

Meet Yasmin Kamal, who just recently quit her corporate job to freelance full time. As a travel writer, she’s familiar with the days when she needs to cut down on all forms of partying, almost eating shoestrings for a budget, and hustling to make ends meet. If you’re 4.8cm away from taking that leap from the corporate world, but the fear of the crappy-jibby economy and living without a pay check for once in your life is holding you back, she’s the closest person you’ll get to meet who’ve just made the jump, and occasionally still struggle to find the right footing.

Then there’s Emily Sithamparampillay, who has been going at it for 9 years now. Yeah, no kidding, this power lady here is a clown, emcee, events manager, copywriter and coach! Eh, don’t just think she’s a clown and entertainer, she is smiling all the time. All the stories you hear about clowns being the saddest, well, you can ask her yourself. Sure, there are ups and downs, but setting the mindset right and giving a 100% every single time – rain or shine – is no easy task, and if she has a secret strategy, I would love to grill it out of her at the event.

Lastly, after much digging out of the cave he has grown fond of, enters Chee Seng, who has been freelancing for over 20 years! Seriously! Some of the participants may be only 20! As a master wordsmith, he has also dabbled in side gigs and businesses too, adding the entrepreneurship flavour into his freelancing career. Is this a career he’s gonna retire on? Has he ever thought of expanding his team into a solid agency? What keeps him going through the roller-coaster of a career?

So if you’re struggling as a freelancer, or struggling with your choice to become a freelancer, or you just wanna have a fucking good time with us, grab your tickets, and bring your friends, moms, that-chick-you-wanna-score etc.

Oh yeah, since it’s a day after valentine’s day, we may ask them about fuckups around relationships, blind dates, wrong-swipes-on-Tinder and aunties meddling in their love lives. 🙂

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