Do Good With Food
27 October 2015 - Tricia Francis

The October edition of Mix n Fix was Do Good With Food, which was in conjunction with the World Food Day that took place the 16th of October and the Water & Food Awards which took place the 26th of October. World Food Day is a day against hunger. People around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicate hunger in our lifetime. Because, when it comes to hunger, the only acceptable numer in the world is zero! The Humanitarian Water & Food Award (WAF) promotes global best practices in water and food security initiatives. It was founded in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is staffed by an international volunteer network.

We were pleased to have different #DoGoodWithFood specialists with us such as Mango Chili, Meals For All, Juice Meds, the Food Aid Foundation and the Green Pit Stop Cafe.

After hearing from Ron Khoo of Mango Chili and Ramesh Vadiveloo of Meals for All, participants were split into 4 groups to brainstorm and #Fix the real problems faced by our two speakers. Many creative and challenging solutions were found by the amazing participants! Everyone spent lots of effort finding a way to help out the two organizations Mango Chili and Meals For All. We rounded off with a the four teams pitching the group’s best solution to their assigned problem.

We want to thank all organisations and NGOs for coming this evening, especially the speakers of Mango Chili and Meals For All! And of course all you who attended our monthly Mix n Fix session; you were amazing guys!

The next Mix n Fix will be held 20th of November as part of the 1ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit and as the Finals of the ASEAN Impact Challenge. The theme for this evening will be ‘ASEAN +SocialGood: How will innovation shape the future of ASEAN?’. More info on the upcoming event can be found shortly on our Facebook page!

Ps. If you have missed the WAF-awards but want to see what happend and who won; you can click here to see the full video of the event! (3 parts)

Mix n Fix Group Photo - Do Good With Food