Hannah Gibson – How Mix N Fix led to a new job!
12 November 2015 - Tricia Francis

I wasn’t expecting to gain so much from one night at Mix n Fix but it was a pleasant surprise, the opportunities that the Impact Hub creates both educationally and professionally helped diversify my understanding about upcoming and relevant topics at each event.

I attended the Urban Regeneration Mix n Fix in August. It was comprised of three panel speakers whom were of urban planning, international business and architecture backgrounds. These three speakers discussed the issues Kuala Lumpur is facing. We discussed the importance of livability in KL and how we all can do our part to create change.

The whole event was considerately planned, there was a large group however the event was still intimate enough to feel comfortable to ask questions and start up a discussion. After the panelists finished their presentations the networking session began. This much needed time was excellent in creating opportunities for students, entrepreneurs and professionals in their field to meet each other and produce long lasting networks.

I had introduced myself to all three speakers and was able to ask them questions and exchange business cards with them during the time after the talk.

In addition I also found it extremely valuable to speak to the other attendees – students and other like-minded people. After talking to all three panelists I also spoke to an architectural student who gave me vital advice and contacts to look into.

So coming to the Mix n Fix I primarily wanted to learn about Urban Regeneration and see if I could gain any potential contacts for the future, after the thought-provoking discussion at the Mix n Fix event I spoke to Lee Jia Ping, the Programme Director of Think City. I expressed my interest in what the company was aiming to do and she suggested I contacted her in a few days to discuss more about the future of Urban Regeneration in KL. I then reached out to her and discovered there was an intern position for two months to learn and work with the company. Once a part of the company I was able to prove my value and was then asked to stay on for a further 7 months.

I am exceptionally excited about the new and upcoming events at the Hub as they are super-informative and most importantly very relevant to current and trending topics, as well as appealing to a wide range of people, both to locals and foreigners.

I think many people like myself definitely underestimate the huge value that the Impact Hub presents and the events they hold, not only is it a space to get work done, attend events, learn about new topics or look at new local artists, it also provides a platform to which people can utilize and to create opportunities for themselves. The hub definitely bridges a gap in Kuala Lumpur, it helps educate people and opens doors to new ideas and avenues that you may have never thought applied to you.