Be Inspired to Be The Change You Want To SEE!

A preview of the transformational potential arising from maker education! Our highly experiential learning environment powered by the latest in digital fabrication will enable young minds to bring their ideas to life and

Be The Change!

Join us for 2 days of purposeful making with access to equipment worth over RM120,000! Participants will have access to: a plethora of electronics, industrial grade laser cutter, modern DIY tools and more!

Come and experience the next generation learning environment where we expose you to the foundations of good design and how to solve real problems with design thinking

* Participation is required as a team of 5 (4 students, 1 teacher/adult)


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The 2 days workshop is meant to give participants a clear idea of what maker education is all about. The journey literally takes participants from “zero to hero” via carefully designed content that purposely challenges any preconceived notions of one’s limitations that one might have

*Top teams automatically have a chance to attend the I CAN Global Summit happening in Rome this November (all trip expenses not included).

All projects can be taken home to further improve upon!

Want To Know More? Have questions for us?

Contact our Entrepreneur in Residence, Adrian at [email protected]