Impact Project Check In: Yours Truly, Kedah
3 March 2015 - Tricia Francis
Hello from Kedah! Team 3 has been busy building alternative options for residents in and around Kampung Lorong Mayat, where they currently throw their trash into the river. We began with a simple awareness sign, explaining that recyclables can be sold for good money and that polluting the river also hurts the local fishing economy. Building on this, we have also begun youth activities, educating local children about upcycling and recycling. The kids have enjoyed fun games like upcycle bowling, drawing their ideal environment, and recycling collection competitions! We have also collaborated with the local waste management company to place recycling cages in the community. These cages encourage easy and consistent recycling.
We will soon have a big recycling competition where kids earn points for throwing recyclables into the cages and encourage residents to recycle at home. Team 3 is also working with local businesses and residents who are interested in earning income from recycling and upcycling projects. For example, selling custom wood coasters made from discarded wood planks found in the river.
The main goal for the remaining time in the VIP fellowship program is to show the local community that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” And, with a bit of creativity, it can also provide additional income!