My Internship Experience!
13 September 2016 - triciafrancis





My 4 weeks internship with Scope Group and Impact Hub KL was more than an exposure to the ‘real world’ or gaining ‘practical’ experiences. I learned the importance and impact communication had on a company. One form of communication that stood out from my experience was the working culture my company had. Prior to my internship, I struggled in building a working culture for my team back in university when I was the president of a club. Somehow working culture seemed like something that had to be cultivated for years before it could be effective. On my first week in Scope Group, we had a team check out on Friday. Everyone shared what they have achieved, completed or have been working on throughout the week and what they were looking forward to during the weekends. And every other meeting began with a check in. Each person shared how they felt and what they intended to gain from the meeting. How was this working culture important to me? As a part of the team, when I shared my accomplishments or what I have been working on or how I have been feeling, I felt significant as a member of the company. I knew my contribution and my experience in this company was not taken lightly.
Aside from working culture, the other most important form of communication I learned was from my mentor. This was not about getting clear directions or instructions about a certain task. It was an understanding of what type of expectations my mentor had of me based on the potential she saw in me. Gradually as I worked under my mentor I understood her working style and she knew my working style. This understanding was crucial especially since we worked in a small team. It allowed for a better working dynamic and allowed us to be on a similar wavelength. This made completing a task or working on a project clearer for me. I knew exactly how the task is expected to be done without needing a step by step guide.
When I walked into this internship I did not expect to learn much besides the typical skills that you would gain from projects and tasks. After this 4 weeks journey, I know that the learning I want to gain from future companies is the different types emotional intelligence that are required in different working environment. In this company, the type emotional intelligence that I learned was communication.

****Written by Prishalini Rajagumar****

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