Mix N Fix ft. Tech
22 June 2015 - Tricia Francis

On Tuesday the 16th of June, Hub KL enjoyed this month’s edition of Mix N Fix on Tech for Good, with a connected, inspired and excited crowd.Our three guest speakers talked about their entrepreneurial journey with technology. Alvin, the co-founder of Playme Ar, an amazing augmented reality app, spoke about his long lone journey of rejections till the day his investor came along to realise his current company.  Dato’Faz, president of Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (teAM), spoke about how technology can be used to solve social issues and his projects in the Philippines. Dash, a legend in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, spoke about his company Startup Malaysia and their numerous projects targeting Malaysia’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Q&A session continued to inspire as the audience was eager to hear more from the speakers. The speakers provided experience-based advice; with Alvin on continually polishing your ideas until it becomes reality, to Dato’Faz  on applying a profit-oriented approach towards social entrepreneurship and Dash’s ideology on training the youth to surf rather than ride a cruise ship.

Later, the audience was introduced to Chris Worman from TechSoup Global and Scope Group’s co-founder, Dr. Shariha Khalid, Executive Director of Scope Group through a pre-recorded Google Hangout session in Europe. A big shout out to Chris for sharing a couple of questions in his mind that allowed the audience and our three guest speakers to engage in a problem-solving session.

So signing out from our tech-oriented series of events in June, we hope to see you again in July with our next edition of Mix N Fix, centered upon ‘Art’ and connecting communities.