Mix n Fix: How can Urban Regeneration unite communities?
2 September 2015 - Tricia Francis

On Wednesday 26th August we welcomed a big crowd to the Hub to figure out how to fix KL.

How can we build better, more sustainable cities?

How can we preserve (& create more) green spaces?

How can we forge better relationships between communities and developpers?

All these questions and more were debated, discussed, and ‘solved’ over the course of the night.

We heard from Dr Thomas Tang of the KL Centre for Sustainable Innovation about the work they’re doing to build Living Laboratories. Jia Ping from Think City shared the great work they’ve done to revitalise and preserve Penang, and how their team is now working in KL – a different city, a different challenge. Huat Lim from ZLG Design brought us the architectural perspective, calling for responsible development and design. Huge thanks to them for sharing the great work they’re doing to promote beautiful, sustainable, and meaningful developments.

Our solving session began with June giving us her perspective on Sentul, and some of the problems created by regeneration here. We then got to it with post its and planning. Great to hear some of the solutions that came out of our solving session – especially the bathhouse (a personal favourite). Huge congratulations to the back alley regeneration team for being voted the winner.

Thank you all for making it an exciting night….  More soon!