MY x Change Ep 4: World Social Justice Day
22 February 2021 - Ralph Mpofu

A Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy

Every year on 20 February, the world observes the World Day of Social Justice. This day is important because it brings together citizens around the world to raise a voice against social injustice. For many, this day is not only about awareness, but an opportunity to bring together diverse communities to make a socially intergrated society.

Locally, our young student leaders had the perfect platform to bring together key members of our communities to discuss and share on what social justice means for them.

Joining us for Episode 4 to talk and share their experience on Social Justice were 3 special guest speakers.

Session 1: Social Justice & Children’s Rights: Whose Responsibility?

This session was hosted by Dhalia, who interviewed Prof. Dato’ Noor Aziah Mohd Awal, Children’s Commissioner, Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, SUHAKAM.

Session 2: Social Justice & COVID-19: How Does It Affect Us?

This session was hosted by Alisya from SK Sik Kedah and Justin from DFC USA

Session 3: Social Justice & Rural Communities: Why Discriminate?

This session was hosted by Yoong Qi, who interviewed Samuel Isaiah, the Global Teacher Prize 2020 Finalist!

About MY x Change

MY x Change (Malaysian Youth x Change) is a monthly dialogue series led by children and youth, for ALL, on topics and issues young people FEEL deeply about.

The series is developed using the Design For Change FIDS (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) framework. This interactive dialogue series aims to empower children and youth to publicly speak to adults and peers about what matters to them in a safe online space. Each monthly series showcases 2 to 3 interviews of 10 minute bit-sized conversations that are filled with valuable insights and information beneficial for any audience watching.

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