Project Cactus by Inclue
2 September 2016 - triciafrancis

Inspired by a wedding gift, Inclue now launches Project Cactus, a decor that is assembled by our Street Friends (the homeless community). The cacti symbolises the Street Friends themselves, who are strong individuals with bad circumstances in life, struggling to make ends’ meet. Through this project, Inclue is giving the Street Friends the employment opportunities that they deserve. 



Who is Inclue?

inclue logo

Inclue is a social enterprise that provides a platform to reintegrate people living in the street to the wider society through simple and accessible jobs and personal support. Inclue was born out of Volunteering For International Professionals (VIP) Fellowship Programme 2016 (, which is an initiative by the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) and a programme by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, partnered up by Scope Group and Impact Hub KL. Post VIP Fellowship Programme, Inclue is currently being incubated by Impact Hub KL. 

Here’s how you can support Project Cactus!

Purchase one cactus at a price of RM9.90. With every purchases you make, you are providing a dignified job opportunity and well-earned income for our Street Friends. Discount rates are available for bulk purchases! To purchase, fill up this form here!