Social Good Summit Malaysia
19 September 2016 - triciafrancis


Social Good Summit Malaysia: Global Goals In Action! Connecting Today, Creating Tomorrow #2030NOW

Held in conjunction with the Social Good Summit 2016: Connecting Today, Creating Tomorrow, this September, we will take a closer look at the Sustainable Development Goals and the catalytic role entrepreneurship and innovation can play in the achievement of these goals
Our panelists for the evening are John Lau from AIESEC in Malaysia, Ambika Sangaran from Biji-biji Initiative, Chandra Arumugam from Rainwalker Ecosystems and Ruben Cortes from Build for Tomorrow an initiative by Wild Asia. The panel discussion will focus on how we can work together using new resources and leveraging technology to take steps towards achieving these goals.
The evening will feature storytelling from our speakers, an interactive panel, and… a special solving session. We want to know your perspective how we can take action to make the global goals a reality. It will also be a great opportunity for you to explore how you can get involved.

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