Human Library Malaysia: 9th World Urban Forum
14 February 2018 - Ralph Mpofu

1st Human Library Session 2018, In Conjunction with the 9th World Urban Forum

Conversations That Matter!

On 11 February 2018, Impact Hub KL hosted a Human Library in conjunction with the 9th World Urban Forum. The Human Library is a global movement that seeks to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and encourage understanding by bringing together a range of human books- all with a unique story to share. The idea behind the Human Library is to positively change peoples’ attitudes and behaviours towards each other.  IHKL’s co-founder, Christoffer Erichsen started the Human Library in Denmark 18 years ago and it’s now in 100+ countries worldwide.
For our 1st Human Library of 2018, we had 6 amazing ‘human books’ and 240+ readers. From The Transgender Doctor to the The Visually Impaired, The Special Needs Educator and The Homeless CEO to The Cancer Survivor and The Person with A Rare Degenerative Disease, we hosted conversations that mattered to make cities more inclusive, in line with the WUF9 Theme of #Cities4All.
As we continue towards creating more inclusive communities we believe initiatives such as the Human Library can go a long way in celebrating the true beauty of diversity and creating deep empathy that can help social entrepreneurs connect to the communities they wish to serve. If you are interested in learning about the Human Library and hosting it, please get in touch with Ralph Mpofu from the Impact Hub KL team!