What is Impact Hub KL?

We believe a better world is created through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose.

An innovation lab. A business Incubator. A social enterprise community centre. We offer you a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow your impact. Our diverse community will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way.


Welcome to Impact Hub KL!

Pop along to Sentul to have a chat to one of our community hosts, find out what's going on, and see how you can get involved.
We welcome members from all sectors who are working towards creating social impact.

Upcoming Events

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Amazin’ Graze – Healthy Food

We are a small, KL-based purveyor of fun and healthy snacks. We run an online store, but we also have a cosy brick-n-mortar in Sentul where we sling granola and other delicious treats and things. Our mission is straightforward. Let’s…

Inclue – Social Enterprise

We are a newborn social enterprise that provides a platform for reintegrating people living in the streets with the wider society through simple and accessible jobs and personal support. We offer businesses and companies an alternative to outsource work in…

How to effectively set goals!

How to effectively set goals! Since the end of the year is in sight, everyone gets excited about what we will be doing ‘better’ next year, which is great! But how many new year’s resolutions are actually ‘accomplished’? Statistics show…

Hannah Gibson – How Mix N Fix led to a new job!

I wasn’t expecting to gain so much from one night at Mix n Fix but it was a pleasant surprise, the opportunities that the Impact Hub creates both educationally and professionally helped diversify my understanding about upcoming and relevant topics…